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A vast majority of households own at least one car. Most people take pride in their vehicles’ appearances, and they wish to keep them looking clean and free of damage. Unfortunately, sometimes dings or dents will occur on a car no matter how cautious you are. Rocks or other debris can hit your car while you are driving, or bad weather like hail or sleet can suddenly occur and harm your car. Public parking lots are full of danger for cars, as shopping carts, other cars and pedestrians can all cause dings or dents in your car’s exterior. Major car accidents and fender-benders typically leave dents in cars, as well.  Needing a good Auto Body Shop.

If your car gets a dent in it, you will most likely wish to have it fixed. This will keep the car looking pristine and new, so that you can take pride in your car’s appearance. Most people consider their car to be an asset and wish to keep the car’s resale value high. By repairing any dents or dings, you help reduce any loss in your car’s value. You may be inclined to try to fix a small dent on your own, but this is a dangerous mistake. There is a good chance that you will make the problem worse by trying to fix it without the proper tools or experience. While some Dent removal Spokane will require extensive body work, some smaller dents or dings can be repaired by a technique known as paintless dent repair. Paintless dent repair offers fantastic results, but it must be performed by an experienced professional.

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You no longer need to worry about long wait times or being without your car when you need it most. We can remove your dents affordably and faster than the competition, guaranteed.


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We can remove any dent of any size. As long as there are no cracks in the paint, you don’t need to worry about a new paint job!
  We will save you thousands of dollars avoiding an entire paint job. Our techs have your back.


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We work very fast but will set you up with transportation while we finish your product.  Sometimes it’s as quick as the same day in and out of the door service.

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While some people are experienced at performing car repairs at home, very few of these repairs involve the car’s exterior. There are not a lot of people who are experienced and talented at doing auto body work, and even less that are skilled at performing paintless dent repair. Doing paintless dent repair Spokane Valley correctly requires years of experience, detailed knowledge and specialized equipment. If you try to handle your paintless dent repair on your own, you risk causing more damage to your car. You might damage or warp your car’s paint, the surface may not be smooth or you might make the dent worse. It is very important that you let a professional handle any Paintless Dent Repair Spokane that you may need.

Why is The Paintless Method a Good Choice?
Paintless Dent Repair Spokane is a great option for small dings or dents in cars. If there has been any paint damage to the car because of the dent, there is no point in getting this procedure. It will also not work on large dents or dents that are hard to access.

For this type of damage, more extensive body work will need to be done.
For small blemishes on your car’s exterior, however, Paintless dent removal Spokane offers several benefits. It is much cheaper than larger auto body work, and it can be done much faster. Typically, paintless dent repairs can be done within an hour or so. You will not require any paintwork, and your car will look brand new again.


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If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know. Whether you have discovered a problem or need help choosing the right service to fit your needs, we are always happy to help out and point you into the right direction. We are experienced. Often, you will want to see references and portfolios of past work before you decide which company to choose. Ask to see our portfolios of work!

In addition, companies that have been in existence for longer, like NW Dent Repair, are generally more reputable and have the most experience.
Our auto body shop is insured and licensed with the city of Spokane, WA. This will protect your car in case of unexpected damage or other issues. Trust the pros at NW Dent Repair – your Spokane Paintless Dent Repair experts.
We will never hassle you or make you feel pressured. Our technicians never will never pressure you into unnecessary services. If a company is trying to force you into more repairs than you ask for, they are likely not a reputable or honest company.

Jaime Phillips

Spokane Valley Resident

“I couldn’t be happier. I’m a busy mom and only had a small window of time I could go without my van. NW Dent Repair was able to fix my car between my lunch hour and soccer practice! Thank you!”

Phil Morris

Spokane Resident

“I brought my ’97 Integra in after another car dented my bumper in a parking lot. NW Dent Repair saved me $455 over having to buy replacement parts. Thank you guys!”

Amy S.

Spokane Valley Resident

“I didn’t think it was possible! I had a sizable dent in my passenger side door that could have cost me $1500 to replace. I was able to have my car back the same day at a fraction of the cost! My car looks amazing.”

Marcus Lewis

Spokane Wa Resident

Travis in the shop jumped right on my project.  It was smooth from the beginning estimate to them fixing my car in record time.  I was without a car for seriously only like 3 days.  The amount of work they did in this time was fast.

Choose a Quality Shop for your Dent Removals

Make sure that you choose a quality professional company like NW Dent Repair to perform paintless dent repair on your car. Your car repair may not look perfect when done, or you may even receive more damage to your car by choosing a poor-quality company.
If you have any small dents on your car, you might be dreading the expensive of having them fixed. You may even be considering trying to repair them on your own. Trying to repair a car dent by yourself is one of the worst choices you can make. For small dents, you may be able to use paintless dent removal Spokane Valley. This service must be done by a professional but offers many benefits.
N.W. Dent Repair offers the following – Auto Body Repair, Bumper Repair, Full Service Auto Body Shop, Auto Collision Repair, Auto Paint Shop, Car Scratch Removal, Collision Repair, located in Spokane

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How to Choose a Good Dent Removal Shop

By making sure that you choose a quality professional body shop in Spokane, WA to work on your car, you will receive the best results and repairs. A quality auto body shop should be clean and orderly, and it should have a professional appearance. There should be a designated office area that is well-organized and tidy. The tools and equipment in the auto body shop should be updated and in good condition.
Any professional company you choose to work with should treat you courteously and be accessible if you need to contact them. Choose a company that has enough time to work with you and communicate with you about your car’s progress or needs. While paintless dent repairs only take a short period of time, more extensive work can take several days.
You will likely find that the best results will come from a shop that has years of experience, like NW Dent Repair. The best Paintless Dent Repair in Spokane and other auto body services come from people who have lots of hands-on experience. In addition, these professionals will have access to the highly-specialized equipment that makes paintless dent removal possible.

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Why Choose NW Dent Repair?

NW Dent Repair asks, “Why hire us?” The company has a team of highly-skilled professionals that will help you with any dent removal needs. They are specially experienced and trained at performing Paintless dent removal, and they have state of the art equipment for doing so. This company has decades of experience at dent removal services and will help assess the exact needs of your car. They will not try to force expensive or unnecessary repairs on you, nor will they charge you huge fees for service. They will try whenever possible to repair your dent by using paintless dent repair, which is much faster and far less expensive than other forms of dent removal.
If you just got a dent or ding in your car, you should take it to a professional auto body shop for repairs. Trying to repair it yourself will only make it worse, and the value of your car will drop if you don’t repair it. Choose a qualified, licensed dent removal company to help you, preferably one that has years of experience at providing excellent service and quality repairs.

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