Auto Paint Shop

Auto Paint Shop

Need your car Painted?  The paint on your car does more than just make it look great. In fact, it has a very practical purpose. Your car is built using metal components which can rust if they’re not properly covered. The paint on your car protects the metal parts of your car so you don’t have any damage due to rust. If the paint on your car has been damaged, or even if you just want to change the color, you’re going to want to look for an auto paint shop spokane to help you. Some of the most common reasons people look for help with painting their car, and how it is done, are below.

Fix Scratches and Dents
Scratches and dents can leave gaps in your paint that allow water to seep in and damage the metal below. Instead of dealing with scratches and dents, an auto paint shop spokane can repair them for you. Any dents will be removed first. Once the dents are removed and the surface is smooth, the company will sand around the damaged area. They’ll then paint the damaged area using a color that will blend in with the rest of your car. They can then seal the paint and you won’t be able to tell there was ever a scratch or a dent there.

Match Replacement Parts
If your car was damaged in a collision or during a storm, you may need to have a major part replaced. When it comes to doors, the hood, the trunk, or the bumpers, the mechanic may have the right part for you but they may not have the right color. In this case, you’re going to want to find a shop that can paint the replacement part for you. The new part will be sanded to remove the old paint and then painted with the correct color. It will then be sealed to protect the finish. When done, your replacement part will completely match the remainder of the car.

Fixing Sun Damage or Fading
While parking in a garage is the best way to protect your car from problems, this isn’t always possible. If you park outside most of the time, you may notice that your roof starts to fade after a few years. This fading can lead to other problems, like being easier to scratch and damage. It also lowers the value of your vehicle. If you’ve noticed that the paint job on the roof or hood has started to fade, you can have your car painted to correct the problem. Like other types of repairs, the damaged area will be sanded and repainted with a matching color. Once it’s sealed, the paint will easily blend in with the rest of your car and make it look like new once again.

Change the Color of the Car
Though most of the reasons for painting your car are to correct or prevent damage, those aren’t the only reasons you may want to have your car painted. If you’re tired of the color you chose for your car, you may want to consider having it painted instead of buying a new car. After all, if everything else works well on the vehicle this is a much less expensive option for you to change what you’re driving every day. The Spokane auto paint shop who works on your car will sand your entire car carefully. They’ll tape off the windows and paint the entire car at one time to ensure a uniform color. They’ll then add a protective finish to ensure your car looks fantastic.

When you change the color of your car, you can do more than just change to a different color. You can add stripes, polka dots, or even give the car a monochrome look. There’s also specialty paints that can be used for a unique look. The auto paint shop you take your car to will be able to give you ideas of how you can have your car painted for a unique look that’s entirely your personality if you don’t want just a plain color for your car.

These are just some of the reasons you may want to have your car painted. If you’re in need of a new paint job for your car, make sure you find a high-quality auto paint shop to do the job to ensure fantastic results. You can read reviews for various companies or look at their website to see some of the past paint jobs they have done. If you’re looking for a great company that’s going to make sure you’re satisfied with the paint job, take a look at NW Dent Repair today. They can help you with repairs for the paint on your car or help you find a new color you’re going to love. Contact them today or take a look at their website to get more information on how they can help you.

Auto Paint Shop and Several Services
Northwest Dent Repair provides Auto Painting and several other services: Professional Automotive Painting, bumper repair replacement, Collision repair, paintless dent repair, car scratch repair, plastic bumper repair, Painting and refinishing, Glass repair and replacement, Detailing, hail damage repair, Aluminum repairs, frame straightening.

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